Brent Primary Schools Expansion Programme, London

Price & Myers have been working with the London Borough of Brent to help deliver their primary school expansion programme. The current phase includes a new school, Wembley High Technology College Primary School, and four school expansions. The second phase is in design and includes three significant expansions. Another two new primary school projects are being delivered outside of the expansion programme. For these projects we developed a design suitable for modular forms of construction using grid arrangements & repetition of detailing, which was adopted for speed and cost savings.
Our work includes:
Harlesden School: extension to and extensive remodelling of Victorian buildings (£3m, 2016)
Preston Park School: re -modelling and extension to the existing Victorian school (£3m, 2016)
Wembley High Technology College Primary School: new school using volumetric construction techniques (£8m, 2016)
Elsley School: an extension to a primary school (£6m, in design)
Uxendon Manor School: another primary school extension (£6m, in design)
Byron Court Primary School: expansion of a primary school (£11.4m, in design)

The London Borough of Brent

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