Centre for Competitive Creative Design, Bedfordshire

A new single storey building providing a collaborative facility for Cranfield University and the University of the Arts London. This new Centre for Competitive Creative Design (C4D) contains design space, offices and meeting rooms, bringing together creative design and engineering for the two specialist institutions. The campus, on a former RAF base, carries out aeronautical research and is also an active airfield, with light aircraft taxiing within metres of the building. The building had to at once be acoustically protected, as well as provide a naturally and evenly lit long-span studio space with natural ventilation. This was achieved by bringing in air through the ground via a floor plenum and by using glass with high acoustic performance. The north lights give a glare free environment for digital screens and the roof overhangs all sunward sides to protect from direct sunlight. The geometry of the building is a natural consequence of these requirements. 

Completed 2010.

Cranfield University

Niall McLaughlin Architects


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