Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford

The Choir of the Cathedral of Oxford was built in the 1160s. The arcade, the triforium and perhaps the clerestory date from this time. The stone lierne vault with pendants that we see today replaced the original groin vault in about 1500. Price & Myers were asked to inspect the condition of the vault and found that it was in need of some attention; there were a number of fractures in the legs of the hanging pendants, and loose pieces of stone throughout. Scaffold was erected at triforium to restore the condition of the vault. Stainless steel cramps were used to replace original iron rusty ones, and missing pieces of stone were carved and replaced. Three of the hanging pendants were dismantled and resupported with stainless steel dowels in to the vault above.

Christ Church Cathedral

Surveyor to the Fabric

Cliveden Conservation


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