Corinthia Hotel, Northumberland Avenue, London

The Metropole Hotel was one of the top London hotels in the earlier part of the last century. It later became the office for the ministry of defence and was used as a HQ for the Falklands conflict. Clocks showing times in London, Port Stanley & Argentina still hang on the wall. It has been empty for several years but is now being refurbished to become a hotel again. The adjacent 10 Whitehall Place will also become apartments. The project involves extensive structural modifications particularly at the lower levels to create large double height lobby and restaurant spaces and at high level to create large suites to maximise river views. The courtyard has been partially infilled to create a covered lobby and additional bedrooms, requiring careful design and planning in what is a sensitive and restricted area. The double level basement under Whitehall Place has been extended to accommodate a spa and swimming pool. Again, careful planning was required to work at such depths beneath a Victorian building.

Completed 2011.

Corinthia Hotel Group

Seifert Architects


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