Ebenezer Cottage, Beaminster, Dorset

The refurbishment of this 18th Century former chapel located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which had been extended and refurbished for residential use in the 1950s, with further refurbishment work taking place in the late 1990s. Although most of the 1950s extension was demolished, making way for a smaller two-storey structure, much of the original solid stone elements of the building were retained whilst increasing the internal floor to ceiling heights. This was achieved partly by hinging and tilting the rear roof slope raiding the ceiling height by just over 50cm in some places, without increasing the overall roof line. The building was also extended downwards by 20cm and outwards by just under 2.5m. The interior of the cottage includes a two-storey height living space with a new mezzanine bridge connecting the outer wings at first floor level. 

Completed 2014.

Sanya Polescuk Architects


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