Garden Quadrangle, St John's College, Oxford

The Garden Quadrangle for St John's College occupies a tight site in Central Oxford. The new building provides fifty undergraduate rooms, a 200 seat auditorium, and a dining room for 125 people. The student accommodation towers spring from a landscaped terrace which covers an 'underworld' of three large spaces each about 10 meters square. Precast concrete units are used to form the structure over the three spaces of the lower level. The units are stitched together with in situ concrete to support the considerable weight of the four-storeys of loadbearing in masonry above. There is extensive use of very high quality precast concrete in the auditorium and dining room and in the cladding and staircases of the undergraduate rooms.

Completed 1993. 

St John's College, Oxford

MJP Architects


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