House of Flags, London

House of Flags, on the southeast corner of Parliament Square, has been designed in collaboration with AY-Architects and the architecture students of The Bartlett to acknowledge the World Heritage setting and highly political status of the square. A freestanding plywood structure measuring 17m long, 206 panels of FSC certified Finnish birch plywood are supported on 42 pre-cast concrete foundational blocks. Three panels are CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cut from a standard plywood sheet to minimise material waste with graphics printed directly onto the plywood surface using a UV flatbed printer. The top flags are more perforated and lighter than the bottom ones, which are more solid and therefore heavier. The timber structure has a simple and systematic construction logic and is lit from within at night. The structure is flatpack and flexible; it can be dismantled and entirely reconfigured. Its current composition has the flags presented alphabetically to meet protocol.

Completed 2012.


AY-Architects, architecture students of The Bartlett

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