Kingsgate House, Kings Road, London

The site was occupied by an existing six-storey concrete framed building with a footprint measuring approximately 15m x 40m, which was demolished. A new seven-storey residential affordable housing development on Kings Road in Chelsea replaces the six-storey office building. The existing foundations were retained and reused. The new building contains disabled access residential flats at ground floor with standard flats above. The top floor is set back to provide a terrace area for the top floor flats. Precast beams and columns form an envelope around the majority of the building to support an array of photovoltaic panels and external balconies. The ground and first floor are reinforced concrete flat slab construction. Above the first floor, the building is constructed using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) floor and wall panels. The ground and first floor are designed as Reinforced Concrete transfer structures to transfer loads between first floor CLT walls, ground floor columns and existing foundations under. The timber panels were fabricated off site and craned into position.

Completed 2014.

Lancer Assett Management

Horden Cherry Lee Architects


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