Nobel Peace Centre, Oslo

Three sculptures for the Exhibition of Nobel Laureates.
1.Entrance box – Bent Corten steel walk-through box with holes punched through to forma map of the world. Lit from the interior at night, as well as images projected onto adjacent buildings. 
2.Registar – Walk-through box made of shiny black fibreglass. A timeline and major cities are represented by punched holes though which fibre-optics are threaded. The timelines disguise joints in the structure allowing it to be dismantled and moved when necessary. 
3.Laureate Exhibition – virtual gallery created by movement activated laptop computers set on pedestals, which give details of each laureate. The surrounding walls will be very reflective, bouncing light from floor mounted light fittings; the light will be diffused by suspended panels of frosted glass.

Completed 2005.

Nobel Peace Centre

Adjaye Associates

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