Park Avenue South, London

This extension uses a lightweight steel frame to form a faceted surface for the glass and zinc roof. The setting-out of the steel frame was immensely complex, given the angles and twists of every beam. The secondary timber structure allows for the roof and walls to be ‘superinsulated’, offsetting the large area of glazing. All double glazed units have low e-coating, to provide an element of solar shading. Internally, a tertiary timber structure was used to set out internal plasterboard ceilings. With Roles Broderick Roofing and Famella, we modified traditional zinc details to allow standing seams to track up the walls and across the pitch and fall of the roof. Careful detailing at the heads and sills of the doors enabled us to incorporate drip details within the face of the cladding, allowing doors to sit flush with the external walls. Specifying VM Zinc removed the need for a ventilation zone- the zinc tucks over the aluminium glazing support angles. The matt black spacer within the glazing unit was then lined through with the internal finishes.

Completed 2009.


Studio Octopi


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