Parker Library, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

The Parker Library at Corpus Christi College houses a unique and invaluable collection of rare manuscripts and medieval texts dating from the sixth to the sixteenth century. A new secure fire and burglar proof vault has been created below the existing Grade I listed Wilkins Room, where the collection was previously housed. The vault provides a carefully controlled environment for the storage of the manuscripts. Additional office space has been provided along with a new reading area for supervised reading of manuscripts.
The collection is thought to hold a quarter of all extant Anglo-Saxon manuscripts in the world and was gifted to the College in 1574 by Archibishop Matthew Parker; himself one of the founders of the modern Anglican Church. A stipulation of his bequest was that should more than a certain number of books ever be lost, then the collection would be passed on first to Gonville & Caius College and then to Trinity Hall. Both colleges regularly inspect the collection for losses.

Completed 2010.

Corpus Christi College

Kilburn Nightingale Architects


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