Queen Street, London

The refurbishment of a seven-storey 1980s office building by Terry Farrell. Internal lightwells and external terraces were infilled, the set-back upper floors were pushed out to the building perimeter, and a new storey was added on top. The existing structure was re-used and augmented at existing roof level using large steel beams to maintain the column free floor plates. In order to open up the ground floor the bottom storey of a six-storey internal column was removed. The load in the column above was tranferred to two adjacent columns and their existing foundations were justified for the incease in load. Significant temporary works were required to support the floors above whilst the bottom of the column was cut out, and 80 tonnes were jacked from the temporary support into the new transfer beam. 

Completed 2013.

London & Oriental

Rolfe Judd Architecture


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