The Meat Factory, Nottingham

This L-shaped house occupies a corner plot and backs up to the gable ends of two existing terraces to the north and east. The structural frame is made up of parallam timber beams with precast concrete floors. The wider north wing consists of a double-height gallery with living space, studio and bedroom above. The narrower east wing consists of a studio downstairs, with the kitchen and living rooms above looking across the park. These two wings are linked by an unheated sunspace which opens onto the garden and acts as a solar collector. The temperature is controlled by opening and closing panels in the glazed wall to the inner rooms. There are also several solar cells above the main buffer. The thermal mass of the solid concrete floors increases heat storage. Stack venting at roof level helps control the heat in the summer. The house is built on a flood plain, so the ground floor is raised with the resulting floor void also acting as a cooling system.

Completed 2010.


Marsh & Grochowski



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