Brook's Mews, London

The development at 53-54 Brook’s Mews is bounded by two street frontages in Brook’s Mews and Avery Row in the London Borough of Westminster. It is a 1930s existing office building and involves the refurbishment and upward extension with the addition of a new third floor. We were appointed by Enstar Capital (London) to enhance the sustainability of the scheme and carry out a BREEAM assessment. We undertook thermal modelling analysis to identify the most appropriate energy efficiency measures and fabric enhancements that could be incorporated into the design within the constraints of the listed external façades. Summer overheating risks in the office spaces are minimised through the use of high performance glazing, with low thermal transmittance and ASHP proposed to meet the heating and cooling demands of the office. The resulting strategy ensures a thermally comfortable indoor environment whilst maximising energy and carbon savings. Internal daylight analysis was undertaken to check if good daylight levels could be achieved on all floors to limit dependence on artificial lighting. The retained façade on the lower refurbished floors presented some challenges due to the limitations on the glazing proportion set by the listed nature of the building. The analysis suggested use of daylight enhancement measures such as high reflective internal finishes on the lower refurbished floors to improve daylight penetration along the rear ends of the floor plate combined with LEDs to minimise the energy consumption associated with lighting. Glazing proportions within the new extension ensured that daylight levels within the new floor plate exceeded the minimum requirements.

Enstar Capital

Stiff + Trevillion

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