Corpus Christi College, Oxford

The redevelopment of a 1970s concrete framed building alongside a 1900s Grade II listed sandstone Annexe Building currently used for accommodation by Corpus Christi College. Extension and upgrade works were required to improve thermal comfort and provide high quality conference facilities. The refurbishment strategy required careful consideration to retain the external appearance and details of the existing façades, which are of sensitive aesthetic value. The concrete framed building was designed by Powell and Moya, in very characteristic style. Key issues were identified through a review of energy bills and discussion with the building manager. Both buildings had high associated energy use due to lack of insulation, single glazing, antiquated heating systems and limited controls. The concrete framed building had issues with thermal bridging and poor ventilation, especially in circulation areas. Working alongside the client and the architects, we undertook detailed building performance modelling to analyse the existing building envelope and internal conditions. The results were used to develop a strategy to reduce summer overheating through the use of new louvred window systems to communal areas and improved glazing to bedrooms with reduced solar transmittance. An insulation strategy was developed to balance reduced thermal bridging with minimal visual impact and little compromise of floor area. An overhaul of the current heating systems, with a particular focus on better occupant control was also included in the strategy to provide long term cost saving benefits.

Corpus Christi College

BGS Architects

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