Cub Housing Solutions, London

Price & Myers Sustainability were appointed to produce a Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) strategy for a new off-the-shelf housing product. The client's aim was to design a house type to be factory replicated in order to produce low cost, sustainable housing with the potential to achieve CSH Level 5. We worked with the designers and manufacturers to develop a specification that could achieve the client's vision in terms of aesthetics and sustainability.  The building fabric performance benefitted from volumetric construction. The combination of framed construction and factory assembly enabled the achievement of extremely low U-value and air-permeability levels.  Advanced performance double-glazing reduced heat loss from openings.  Exhaust air heat pumps were identified as the most appropriate heating technology and combined with photovoltaic panels allowed for high CO2 savings.  Other designed in features included impact materials. We undertook a full assessment of the first prototype, which achieved Level 5 certification. 

Cub Housing Solutions

Futureform Design & Build Ltd

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