Dawley House, London

Dawley House is a new build Apart-hotel on the site of an existing building located in the London Borough of Ealing. The new building is 10-storeys high and includes self-contained two-bed apartments and communal facilities such as gym, library and cafe. The architectural design of the building relied on a predominant use of glass for the external envelope which would typically lead to very high energy demands associated with heat loses in winter and overheating risks in summer. A detailed analysis of the glazing specification was therefore carried out using dynamic thermal modelling to minimise the associated energy demands of the building based on the heat losses and gains through the glazed façades. Different types of Low-E glazing (fritted, translucent and opaque panels) were introduced into the façade glazing and various glazing parameters modelled and tested to optimise and balance the daylight and thermal performance of the envelope. We also developed a low and zero carbon strategy. The high demand for heating, hot water and electricity typical of hotels makes CHP a very suitable technology for this project. This system was therefore identified as the most appropriate low and zero carbon technology for this scheme which results in the project achieving a BREEAM 'Excellent' rating and a 39% improvement over Part L 2010.

Balsamy Properties Ltd

Alan Power Architects

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