Gallions Quarter, London

Gallions Quarter is a large masterplan development located in the Royal Albert Basin. It is a mix of 740 dwellings and 1,100 sq m of commercial space located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The residential parts of the development include a mixture of two to three bedroom units arranged on the upper floors across a number of blocks of varying heights arranged around internal courtyards. As part of the Environmental Impact Assessment undertaken for this project, we provided detailed qualitative and quantitative wind analysis to measure the potential effect of the proposed development on pedestrian comfort levels around the site. The assessment methodology combined the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling to predict wind velocities around the proposed development. We used wind data from the nearest suitable meterological station and undertook an assessment of the pedestrian comfort and safety in accordance with Lawson's criteria. The assessment was carried out to ensure that Lawson's comfort and distress criteria for all pedestrian walkways, building entrances, leisure parks and play areas are not exceeded at any locations. By carrying out preliminary analysis undertaken at the early design stages we ensured that the massing and site layout comprising uniform heights for most buildings within the masterplan resulted in sheltered conditions for most of the development and mitigation measures were not required. The presence of taller corner blocks governed by other urban design and masterplanning guidelines however resulted in the creation of a few vortexes and funnelling affects in a few associated courtyard spaces. Detailed analysis was carried out on these identified courtyards and wind breaks were proposed as mitigation measures to minimise these effects and make them more sheltered.


Maccreanor Lavington Architects 

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