Hikal Research and Development Centre, Pune, India

The new Hikal Research and Development Centre in India is the first building of its kind in the country. Built in the Hingewadi Bio-Tech Park, the 14,000 sq ft research centre will employ sustainable mechanical systems, construction techniques, and material use. The development will be awarded a LEED Certification Rating upon completion. Seven passive downdraft evaporative cooling (or PEDC) towers located on the roof naturally cool the air supplied to the laboratories. By adding moisture to the air at the top of the tower, the cooler air falls inside and is drawn through the lab by the constant exhaust of the fume cupboards. Natural breezes and window ventilation are regulated to assist in this process. The floor and ceiling slabs are designed to employ the principles of thermal mass to help regulate interior air temperature. Water systems are integrated with the design so that grey waste water is recycled through a natural reed bed at the front of the building for specific re-use. Clean water flows from the reed bed through the entry courtyard to a waterfall above the lower courtyard cafeteria. The roofscape is vegetated to lessen storm water runoff and all parking and driving surfaces are designed environmentally. 

Hikal Pharmaceuticals

Bijoy Jain Architects

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