Lady Margaret School's Secondary Expansion, London

Lady Margaret School entails new extensions to an existing school in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The extensions provide additional accommodation so it can expand to Four Form Entry, increasing the floor area by around 20%. As part of the expansion, the school had aspirations to undertake upgrade refurbishment works to reduce the energy demand associated with the existing buildings on the school site. It is anticipated that the total energy demand of the site will increase by 10-20% after construction of the extension. A target was therefore set to reduce the energy demand of the existing buildings by the same amount in order to result in a zero net increase in operational CO2 emissions. Part of the extension scheme resulted in the creation of some new parts within the existing building envelope, including a three-storey high atrium and an additional storey of classrooms adjacent to the atrium. The atrium is purpose built to provide additional amenity areas adjacent to the existing multi-purpose hall and to improve the ventilation strategy both within the existing and new areas. It was anticipated that stack ventilation during summer and mixed-mode ventilation during winter through the atrium will improve cross ventilation during summer, in the single aspect spaces opening into the atrium, whilst reducing heat loss during the winter months. By undertaking early stage thermal modelling analysis, we were able to provide advice on the most effective, low energy refurbishment measures suited to improve the energy performance of the existing building and the potential savings associated with these options. This included different levels of fabric upgrades in various parts of the building, improving mechanical systems, better heating controls, low energy lighting and low carbon ventilation strategies. Reduction in running costs, CO2 emissions and improved thermal comfort were the key parameters considered for the refurbishment works.

Lady Margaret School

IID Architects

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