Lewisham BSF Schools, London

The Learning 21 joint venture provided 12 school projects in the London Borough of Lewisham as part of the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme. Price & Myers Sustainability worked with the contractors, Costain, as BREEAM assessors for all of the projects, which included new builds, refurbishments and extensions. The schools were designed to be highly sustainable and targeted high levels of BREEAM certification. We worked collaboratively with the design teams in order to facilitate the delivery of this aspiration. This included the provision of advice and training delivered to Design Managers, the development of cross-project strategies and ongoing consultancy to aid the implementation of the applicable sustainable measures. The development of a ‘sustainable design formula’ for the schools has made the process of achieving BREEAM accreditation more straight forward. The strategies included the use of photovoltaics and CHP, including connection to a local energy centre in one instance, to ensure high CO2 savings. The services have been designed to meet the latest standards and provide a comfortable internal environment for occupants, conducive to learning. The design teams were also involved in extensive community consultation, resulting in the provision of appropriate and high quality community facilities. The delivery of the schools at different stages has allowed the insight gained in the early projects to be applied to the later projects, allowing the later buildings to push the boundaries and over-deliver with respect to BREEAM targets.

Costain (Part of Learning 21 Joint Venture)

Watkins Gray International Studio and HKR

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