Plevna Crescent, London

Plevna Crescent is a 1,400 m sq three-storey new build development of four houses and twelve flats located in Haringey. Each house has a private garden, and the flats have a communal amenity space. Price & Myers Sustainability worked with the design team to provide detailed advice to help Plevna Crescent meet its energy and sustainability targets for Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3. Passive design measures were identified to help to reduce the energy load. The orientation of the buildings reduces peak solar gain while ensuring optimum levels of daylight both morning and evening. The building fabric U-values exceed Building Regulations standards. The U-values of all glazing is as low as technically feasible, and the glass incorporates low emissivity coating, resulting in an efficient balance between passive solar gain and the thermal losses from each room. The building has been designed to be very airtight, while still naturally ventilated, reducing energy consumption without compromising indoor air quality. Daylight levels are high throughout and are supplemented with low energy light fittings. After reducing demand, options for further reducing CO2 emissions through renewables have been identified. Solar hot water systems were identified as the most appropriate, providing 50% of the domestic hot water.

Family Mosaic

Stephen Davy Peter Smith Architects

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