The Willows, Wolverhampton

The Willows School is the result of a joint project between two existing Wolverhampton schools when Greenpark Special School and Stowlawn Junior and Infant School decided to combine their educational facilities and relocate into one new building. We were appointed to provide both sustainability and structural consultancy services from the initial stages of the project. Suitable sustainability strategies for the school were determined via modelling, into performance targets for the developing design. This included strategies to achieve good levels of daylight and sunlight, thermal performance and ventilation. We worked closely with the design team on the BREEAM assessment from early design stages through to the construction process and also provided advice on the embodied energy of construction materials including assistance in the selection of suitable finishes for the school. The building is constructed using a thermally efficient timber frame which has a very high level of air tightness. The timber frame is carefully detailed to eliminate the need for artificial preservatives and these improve the indoor air quality by reducing off-gassing. The foundations were thermally wrapped using high strength insulation removing thermal bridging within the ground. Stone columns were used instead of piles, reducing the embodied carbon of the foundations by removing large amounts of cement.

Wolverhampton City Council


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