Ali Gunes

Ali’s first love was architecture. When he was a secondary school, he undertook two-week’s work experience at global design firm Gensler where his mate’s Dad was the London CEO, and the seed was sown for a career in design. Being creative and living a life with variety is important to Ali, and architecture seemed to fit the bill. Although that brief spell of work experience whet his appetite for design, he noticed that he had a knack for using design software like CAD. Already quite a maths-centric student with a flair for computers, Ali felt a switch to engineering would better suit his natural strengths.

For Ali, the key qualities of a good technician include efficiency, an understanding of the underlying structure and principles of what they are drawing, and a natural inquisitiveness to press when more information is needed. That curiosity extends not only to questioning the design, but to improving his own knowledge of construction, and further prompting engineers to think about specific designs and solutions.

Ali’s love of learning extends to an interest in finance and economics, science and technological innovation.Outside work he’s a keen sports fan, particularly martial arts and his beloved Arsenal FC.


020 7631 5128