AJ RetroFirst Campaign
3rd March, 2020

In line with our ongoing commitment to tackling the Climate Crisis, we have recently signed up to the AJ RetroFirst Campaign and are looking forward to working together with the Architects’ Journal and the other signatories towards prioritising repair and reuse possibilities within existing buildings.

Refurbishing and retrofitting existing buildings usually produces lower carbon emissions than demolishing and building new ones due to the high embodied energy costs of demolition and rebuild. By calling for government action on three key areas, tax, procurement and policy, the campaign aims to promote and encourage the reuse of existing buildings and ultimately contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

As an industry, we need to recognise that often the best way to reduce embodied carbon emissions is to re-use the building stock we already have available. Whilst avoiding demolition and new-build may not always be possible, we are building on our vast experience in retrofit projects to maximise the re-use of existing materials and systems, and easily extending their design life.