Chelsea Flower Show

Pavilions for show gardens at Chelsea Flower Show 2016 and 2018 with Hay Hwang and Randle Siddeley Landscape Architects. Sponsored by LG, both gardens won Silver-Gilt medals, and were designed to showcase how technology could fit into modern urban garden design.

All structures for the show gardens for the Chelsea Flower Show need to be built and removed extremely quickly. The contractors are only given two weeks prior to the show to complete their builds, and must remove all trace of the gardens, including foundations, within a week after the show. However, given that they are show gardens, designers want what are often quite complex structures to appear effortless, and these two constraints are usually contradictory.

On both garden pavilions, we devised a number of clever hidden connection details that did not detract from the slim, clean lines required by the designer, while still providing the rigidity required by the large cantilevers in their designs. It was especially important to us that the design could be dismantled and reused elsewhere in a permanent setting. We designed the pavilions so that the foundations and kentledge were made of common paving slabs which were reused afterwards, avoiding the need for any concrete which would only be used for a few weeks before being disposed of.

Completed 2016 and 2018.

Project Information



Landscape Architect

Randle Siddeley


Hay Hwang




Georgina Viney


Silver-Gilt Medal 2018
Silver-Gilt Medal 2016