Low Carbon Energy Centre and The Optic Cloak
Greenwich Peninsula, London

The Low Carbon Energy Centre is designed to serve the largest residential new build district heating system in Europe. The Centre houses technically advanced boilers and a Combined Heat & Power plant to provide heat energy for businesses and 10,000 new homes.

Situated beside the Blackwall Tunnel approach road, the two-storey 3,000 sq m building is clad in aluminium perforated panels and provides a landmark for the area with its slender tower.

The tower, acting as a braced cantilever, is formed from five 49m tall latticed girders, connected by a series of raking beams and bracing. The structure of the tower was designed not only to perform the function of a flue tower, but also provide support to an art installation by Conrad Shawcross. Conrad used triangular sections of perforated aluminium of different sizes and orientations to create a moiré effect. Working with Conrad we minimised the numbers of horizontal members that would disturb sight lines through the tower.

The design complimented a method and sequence of erection requiring no temporary bracing and removed the requirement for additional connection details that detracted from the overall concept.

Completed 2017. 

Project Information


Pinnacle Power

Knight Dragon


C.F Moller Architects


Conrad Shawcross




Conrad Shawcross


MIPIM Award, Best Industrial and Logistics Development 2019
Structural Steel Design Award, Commendation 2018
AJ Architecture Awards, Sustainable Project of the Year 2017