A big month of volunteering
6th April, 2023

The last month has been a big one for our volunteering efforts with team members engaged in activities in some of the communities they live and work in. Here’s a quick rundown, starting with the National Saturday Club.

Price & Myers has partnered with the National Saturday Club on a number of occasions to create bespoke Masterclasses, allowing young people to learn engineering concepts and strategies while showcasing how these skills can be applied in the real world.

This March, our team, Cathy, Jake and Tim (left to right, back left), headed to Staffordshire University to meet Club members and host another class. The Price & Myers team introduced themselves and their work, as well as what sparked their interest in engineering.

Jake, one of our structural engineers, shared an anecdote about his childhood trips to the London Eye, where he would mentally analyse the structure of the wheel and feed his imagination.

This month's Masterclass brief was to create sturdy structures using only wooden rods and triangles, gummy bears, zip-ties and hot glue guns whilst still considering the three Ss - Strength, Stability and Stiffness.

At the end of the class, each structure was reviewed by the Price & Myers team, and Club members reflected on the engineering knowledge and consideration of sustainable materials and designs learned during the class.

The next generation of engineers has to be discovered, nurtured and inspired. Our involvement in initiatives like National Saturday Club is one way we are playing our part in engineering's future.

To read more about P&M Partner, Tim Lucas' experience with gummy bears at this month’s National Saturday Club, please click here.

Four P&M engineers braved the rain and got their hands - and their boots - dirty to plant the Tiny Forest at Peckham Rye Park.

The practice became seed investors for Earthwatch Europe's Tiny Forest project last year, helping out on planting days in Oxford and Nottingham. This year, we gave our London studio an opportunity to get involved with the programme.

Tiny Forests is a programme that aims to bring more nature into our cities and urban spaces using a dense, fast-growing native woodland. It's based on a forest management method developed by Dr Akira Miyawaki in the 1970s. Environmental and social data is collected for every forest planted to assess the benefits they provide over time, and between different forests. 

Thank you to our volunteers, Adam, Rebecca, Nadir and Cristina for participating in this great programme!

This month, Team Cultural Maze was announced as the winners of the 2023 People’s Pavilion competition. Price & Myers worked with Beyond the Box and David Chipperfield Architects to help students Bruno, Tomi and Zhané from Team Cultural Maze develop their winning designs.

People's Pavilion is a programme aimed at young East Londoners to experience designing with some of the best architecture and engineering practices. Each team embarked on a collaborative week with a large range of activities. The next stage is for the winning team to see their ideas realised as a built scheme, hosting a cultural festival.

Bruno, Tomi and Zhané’s idea for a community pavilion is to construct a tree-like structure made of recycled timber. The tree is intended to create a place for people to sit and meet. It is also serves as a comment on the connectivity and diversity of Tower Hamlets, which is where the students are from, and represents the community that the pavilion is designed to serve. The timber structure will be wrapped in reused football netting, allowing it to be climbed, and is designed to enclose a raised platform giving the community a performance and story-telling space.

Our engineers, Tim and Tyron helped the young people develop their designs by providing material advice, helping analyse real-life precedents, and giving them an insight into engineering concepts to ensure the Pavilion would be structurally sound and climbable.